Paint Sealant

 The A-Glaze Paint Sealant is a silicon-free, Fluoro-Polymer resin formulated to provide protection for painted surfaces from common causes of degradation – ultra violet light, fading, atmospheric pollution, oxidisation, acid rain,industrial fallout, tree sap and birdlime. A-Glaze is not a polish or wax.  This sealant system uses the most up to date technology available in a unique blend of polymers and UV absorbers, to provide the best possible protection for your paintwork. The sealant is completely safe on all plastics, rubber, chrome and stainless steel, and won’t leave behind any scruffy white marks or dust.A-Glaze Paint Sealant is used in the aviation, automotive, marine, public transport and leisure industries.



  • Protects against acid rain
  • Protects against the sun’s ultra violet rays
  • Protects against colour fading
  • Protects against oxidisation and fallout
  • Ensures a continuously glossy finish
  • Helps protect against bird dropping damage
  • Easy washing and no polishing
  • Boeing and Airbus approved
  • Proven fuel savings and drag reduction