Cleaning Products

A-Glaze products are available at The Pilot Shop (Aircraft Care).


Aviation Grime Removerl_ag_grime


A must-have for any aircraft owner! Removes the most resilient exhaust stains and heavy duty grime, even those nasty dark stains you thought would never come off. Spray on, wait for 30 seconds, use a brush or cloth and rinse off. Repeat if necessary.




Wash ‘n Shine Shampoo


A unique shampoo, specially formulated to remove road film, dirt and grime, leaving a sparkling, water repellant, just waxed finish.  Complements and enhances the AGlaze surface protection.

Metal Restorer   l_aglaze_metal


Cleans, polishes and removes heavy tarnish, oxidation and rust on neglected metal surfaces. Use this metal polish first to obtain a clean and level surface, then use one of our other polishes to finish polishing brass, copper, aluminium and chrome. Do not use on fine plated metal surfaces.


Aluminium & Stainless Steel Polish


Cleans, polishes and protects aluminium and stainless steel providing a quick and easy way to obtain a durable and beautiful shine.